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Better Patient Workflows.  Better Patient Experiences


Apprisio is the resource optimization platform for clinics that solves patient waiting at the source and delivers immediate ROI


Meet Apprisio
Apprisio  The Patient Is In

Apprisio The Patient Is In

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Apprisio in action care team coordinaion

"Apprisio's clinical management/nursing call system is the best money I have ever spent in my medical practice.  It has seamlessly tied our medical software, nursing staff, and doctors together.  Communication within the office has become simple.  No more antiquated flags outside the exam rooms that go unnoticed.  I would highly recommend this product for any busy medical practice that wants to improve their office flow." 


Leon Watkins, DPM, FACFAS, CWS

According to Gartner Research, this new classification of health care technologies knows as RTHS (Real-Time Health Systems) leverages up-to-date information and real-time analytics to remove delays to the management and execution of its most critical clinical and business workflows and processes in a way that improves operational efficiency, optimizes costs, improves the patient experience and transforms the delivery of care — by decreasing response time, increasing response quality and balancing resources with demand — all within an enterprise context. 

How it Works

How it Works

Apprisio:  Interact™


 A sleek touchscreen in each exam room lets the team quickly update the system of patient status. 

Apprisio:  Core™


The traffic management module is the home to all workflow rules and logic.  

Apprisio:  Notify™

Our proprietary corridor sign let's the entire care team knows exactly where each patient is, what’s next and how long it’s taking. 

Apprisio:  Analytics™


Clinic metrics by service provider and day-part and resource utilization keep the performance at its peak. Wow.

Apprisio in Action