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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a nurse call system?

Not really.  Those systems are designed to communicate patient condition and have different technology requirements.  While Apprisio notifies members of the nursing team about patient status, not condition. Apprisio routes messages from team members, not patients.

Are you HIPPA compliant?

Two answers--one, yes, our cloud hosted-product meets or exceeds the rigors of HIPPA. And two, we don’t collect any of the 18 unique identifiers that HIPPA governs.  As a result, we are inherently HIPPA compliant.

What kind of data do you collect?

We collect data generated during patient visits in the exam area.  We collect duration of visit, duration of time with each care partner and we sort it by day part.  We also collect information about resource utilization using our reservations module. We can tell how long people wait for say, the X-ray machine, or how many people are currently waiting.

What’s the data used for?

We specifically designed Apprisio to help clinics run smoother.  We aren’t a nanny system and we never want to interrupt any critical patient & doctor time.  We help identify trends in how the clinic flows to better prepare the care team and help shorten wait times.

Do you integrate to EMR/EHR?  

We are exploring integration to the top EMR providers.  

What is the “sweet spot” for clinic size or volume?

We feel that Apprisio can improve workflows in tiny clinics with 3-5 exam rooms or large-scale operations.  The platform was built to manage a large number of patients and resources.

Is this a “Nanny” system that is going to constantly buzz and beep at me?

Apprisio can be configured for the right level of notification (or “verbosity”) by individual user.  If Dr. Brown only wants to know when patients are ready and Dr. Green wants to know everything, we can easily configure their individual profiles to reflect their preferences.

Can patients book appointment with Apprisio?

No, (or not yet…) Apprisio’s focus is on the exam room and sequential workflows and resource utilization.  

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