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Limitations Drive Creativity

It's early days for Apprisio--we spend hours pontificating and pondering the mysteries of life and of symbology. Our most noticeable feature, the blade sign we call "Notify" is the subject of a lot of these conversations.

By deliberately specifying an matrix made of 8x8 LEDs, we are deliberately restraining ourselves to create symbols that can immediately be deciphered, even while you are in a conversation.

Come to find out that a study conducted by Bell labs discovered that humans can only understand 110-120 bits of information per second. A conversation between 2 people takes up about 60. That gives us about 50-60 bits of extra bandwidth to use before the brain gets overloaded and drops out of the conversation.

Symbols help with this--a different part of the brain is engaged for symbols. No reading means less bandwidth.

Forcing the limitation of 8x8 pixel, drives us even more.

Find out more about limitations and how they drive creativity at this TED talk.

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